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About Us

Out of India restaurant established back in July 2002. With a lot of hard work and dedication, their dream of owning and managing a successful business is starting to become a reality. 

We are much focused and always strive to achieve the best result possible for the business. We believe their business stands out from other restaurants in Gippsland because of their constant commitment. Our expectations of the business are of a very high standard and believe with their hard work and dedication they will be able to take their business even further in the future. To complement this, We have also received many cards, praises and small gifts of appreciation from some of their most-liked customers. 

Out of India restaurant has a very extensive menu with over 100 dishes ranging from Indian, Thai, Malaysian Chinese and an Australian menu, and we also cook something different on request. The menu was designed by Roy to cater for all needs including a large Vegetarian selection as well as children's meals. 

We believe that with society progressing so rapidly we have a great chance to promote our business at every prospect possible. Today's society has become more multicultural with has allowed out of Indian Cuisine to become more recognised. 

We believe that our restaurant can be enjoyed by all ages as the atmosphere is relaxed and they have also created a friendly environment. They also believe their menu has something for everyone.